What secrets belong only to a fish? Dive in and find out! FISH is a collection of 33 tales sprung fresh from the pen or keyboard of yours truly, together with Camille Alexa, M. Bennardo, Corinne Duyvis, Cate Gardner, Sam Fleming, Andrew S. Fuller, Claude Lalumière, Ken Liu, Cat Rambo, Alex Shvartsman, and many more talented authors. Available now in ePub and MOBI formats for only $4.99. Also available in print and Kindle edition at Amazon.com.


Dagan Books Kickstarter has officially kicked off, offering great perks for its backers such as signed books, a calendar featuring the enchanting FISH cover art by Galen Dara, a set of bookplates, and many others. Rewards start at $1 pledges. 

Wicked East Press’s Father Grim’s Storybook is now out on Amazon! Enjoy these dark fairy tales that are meant “stir the deepest regions of the adults mind” as Suzanne Robb, Bennie L. Newsome, S.C. Hayden, Jon-Michael Emory, Chris Allinotte, Michael Constantine McConnell, George Wilhite, Shannon Wendi, Teresa Black, Jan Edwards, Brent Abell, Jeff Chapman, David W. Landrum, Mel Obedoza, E.F. Schraeder, William R.D. Wood, and Jay Raven put their own twists on happy never after…

The 2011 Asian short story anthology by New Asian Writing is now out in trade paperback format! Get your copy of Mr. Cheng’s Silver Coffeepot for a dose of Asian culture as portrayed through the imaginative minds of 45 writers from around the world. 

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Just finished my short story for the first prompt of the Pill Hill Press Winter 2012 Shootout! Sending it out after the final touches…fingers crossed…

This time for The Jester, a short story published by Daily Science Fiction last July 2011 🙂


Review: Dark Heroes

I stumbled upon a review of Dark Heroes…my first encounter with a review and a favorable one at that (whew!)